And here we are again.

Zoom is more interesting this time around. As we had a little notice before shutting down, we made sure all the boys had resistance bands, a chin bar and paralettes at home. Many of them took home hand weights as well.

We are running Zoom sessions much more frequently this time. We want to keep the boys fit; it would be awful to return to the gym and have to build up from scratch yet again. We desperately hope we will be able to return on 3 December.

Most businesses and shops in town have shut. Once again, it is eerily quiet on the streets. 

I am harvesting everything from the allotment. We have loads of carrots and sweet potatoes.

We have had rats in the loft! We caught one in a trap one and we have been putting out poison bait. All signs of rat have disappeared these last 2 days, but there's an unpleasant smell in the lounge. We guess one has died somewhere, but we can't find it.